Author: Jill Yarberry

A Recipe for Change

Why service recovery is the missing ingredient for shifting provider culture Healthcare organizations today are hungry for change, especially when it comes to putting the

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Jill Yarberry

Welcome Grady Health System!

Grady Health system engages Quality Reviews to lead patient feedback and service recovery efforts ATLANTA, GA, USA, April 9, 2019 / — Grady Health System, one

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Providers: Mind the Gap

Providers: Mind the gap Bridging the patient communications divide in healthcare Consumers today can order a new gallon of milk on their phones before the

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Service Recovery 101

Healthcare today is evolving into a consumer-focused industry. Many providers are embracing the shift to a retail experience by designing facilities, work flows, and processes

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ANCC® Magnet Certification and Re-certification

ANCC® Magnet Certification and Re-certification

ANCC® Magnet Certification and Re-certification

Quality Reviews, working collaboratively with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), created a crosswalk of Quality Reviews’ questions to the nine patient satisfaction categories (see below) delineated in 2014 and 2019 Magnet® Application Manuals. This crosswalk was approved by ANCC in November 2017.

    • Patient engagement / patient-centered care
    • Care coordination
    • Safety
    • Service recovery (may be ambulatory)
    • Courtesy and respect
    • Responsiveness
    • Patient education
    • Pain
    • Careful Listening