Jill Yarberry

VP Patient Engagement

Jill has 20 years’ experience in healthcare business development and operations. Prior to joining Quality Reviews®, Jill worked in the healthcare industry where she has been responsible for developing and implementing the sales strategy, market research, and business development to meet and exceed sales growth projections.

How Do We Achieve High Patient Satisfaction Scores?

Covid-19 quickly altered the state of the healthcare system. From Covid units to ICU’s, new implementations during this crucial time showed us the importance of service recovery. As hospitals see a decline in severe cases and organizations are adjusting to the new normal, the question lately has been: how do we achieve high patient satisfaction scores?

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Patient Provider Communication – A Faster, More Efficient Way to Communicate with Patients

Life can be managed with a few quick taps to a phone screen. Consumers can now order a gallon of milk from an app before the refrigerator door slams shut. It takes us longer to decide on a movie than it does to begin streaming it online. What does this have to do with healthcare?

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Using Real-time Patient Feedback to Achieve Magnet Designation

During a national nursing shortage in 1983, the American Academy of Nursing (AAN) researched how work environments affected nurse satisfaction. Findings revealed that organizations with higher nurse recruitment and retention rates had fourteen common characteristics they deemed "forces of magnetism.”

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Meeting IVF Patient Safety Goals During a Pandemic

COVID-19’s physical effects aren’t the only way patients are suffering. The pandemic has touched every aspect of their lives, from not being able to see visitors at the hospital to waiting hours to get a bed. However, hospitals aren’t the only organizations that have had to make drastic changes; the IVF field has had its fair share of disruptions.

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Top 5 Benefits of Real-Time Actionable Feedback in Healthcare

Healthcare involves a variety of nuanced ways of communicating between you as the provider, and employees and patients. Technology has improved communication methods in recent years by including real-time web-based platforms.

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A Recipe for Change

Healthcare organizations today are hungry for change, especially when it comes to putting the emphasis on patients and their needs — and giving clinical staff the tools to do it. A 2019 NEJM Catalyst leadership survey of more than 700 healthcare executives and clinicians shows that while a transformation is underway at many facilities,

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Is Your Patient Experience Goals Data Actionable?

Is your patient experience goals data actionable? Physician bedside manner. Facility cleanliness. Nurse response time. These are just a few of the factors that influence how patients feel about their healthcare experience. If a patient has an issue, you'll likely hear about it. But will it be too late? 

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Service Recovery 101

Embracing healthcare consumerism starts by incorporating patient preferences into every part of the organization — from billing to technology, to facilities and administration, and human resources to clinical decision-making. It can be overwhelming.

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HCAHPS Scores -Measuring the Patient Experience

Hospitals have a lot riding on HCAHPS scores. Used by providers since 2006, the HCAHPS survey allows patients to rate hospitals on a wide range of issues like clinician communication, pain management, discharge information, and hospital cleanliness. These publicly available survey scores can impact hospitals in a big way,

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