Memorial Sloan Kettering Study on Patient Satisfaction in the Time of Telemedicine

Memorial Sloan Kettering Study on Patient Satisfaction in the Time of Telemedicine August 27, 2021

Is telemedicine here to stay? The answer to that question lies in the hands of patients. What are their thoughts on telemedicine versus traditional office visits? A recent study conducted by Memorial Sloan Kettering’s radiation oncology department sought to get to the bottom of this very question, and they found no significant difference in patient satisfaction between the two appointment types.

The results showed that for the most part, patients saw no difference in quality of care, they understood their treatment plan just the same, and they had the same level of confidence in their physician as they did in person. What did stand out, however, was that a significant portion of respondents appreciated not having to commute to the office.

With no incentives for completing the survey, Memorial Sloan Kettering received almost 3,000 responses to links that were sent via text message to the phone numbers on record. From those surveys, the hospital system was able to assess and separate data by demographics such as race, type of cancer, and prognosis––which all impact how these patients will perceive their care. All age groups were represented, with patients ranging from ages 19 to 91 responding. This means that even the concerns of seniors were able to be heard via technology.

All of this crucial data was gathered through Quality Reviews patient feedback technology, which gave the radiation oncology department insight to review and address strengths and weaknesses during an uncharted time in modern history. Even the concerns over the pandemic were taken into account, and the data showed that about 34% of respondents worried that their cancer care would be negatively impacted by the pandemic, but only 8% had doubts that their cancer would be successfully treated.

With the assistance of our seamless platform that gives frontline staff the ability to receive real time feedback, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center was able to review every single survey of every vulnerable patient.


Jill Yarberry

Vice President, Patient Experience

Jill has 20 years’ experience in healthcare business development and operations. Prior to joining Quality Reviews®, Jill worked in the healthcare industry where she has been responsible for developing and implementing the sales strategy, market research, and business development to meet and exceed sales growth projections.

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