How should I measure the patient experience?

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How should I measure the patient experience?

Mobile Fact Sheet, Pew Research Center

Patient satisfaction surveys via text messages give you the most effective way to measure the patient experience. By sending a survey link directly to patients’ phones, they’ll be able to fill it out right after their interactions with your staff. Since they can send a review in the moment, it’s more likely to be accurate and actionable.

With Q-Reviews®, you’ll get responses in real-time. There’s no waiting for data like you’d find with paper surveys or software systems that have a lag time. That means you can respond with service recovery right away, improving customer loyalty and total revenue over time.

Patient satisfaction in healthcare requires gathering information about the voice of the customer. That way, you can upgrade your performance improvement processes based on what patients actually want. Without this data, your program updates won’t make your reputation better, potentially leading to lost patients.

Q-Reviews® gives you the tools to increase patient loyalty with the power of actionable insights. By asking patients about their experience right after the patient-doctor interaction, you’ll know what they’re feeling in real time so you can either relax or start the service recovery process before it’s too late.

Smart technology provides healthcare organizations with actionable insights so you can build a world-class patient and staff experience backed by data. With intelligent software solutions, you’ll create processes that improve the overall perception of your brand from both the patient’s and staff’s perspectives.

Q-Reviews® is a smart technology solution that allows you to send customer surveys via text message. Plus, with Q-Engagement, you can send out feedback questions to your staff so you can hear about their workplace experience. With the Quality Reviews® Platform, you’ll get responses to your PX and employee satisfaction questions in real time so you can make people happier, healthier, and more engaged right away.

At Quality Reviews®, we firmly believe in the power of using patient experience data to determine what’s working and what’s not. By making changes as soon as you see a need, you’ll turn potential detractors into promoters in no time.

With Q-Reviews®, our patient experience management tool, you can send out SMS text surveys to all patients at scale, so you’ll know ASAP when to perform service recovery and turn things around. Plus, you’ll make updates to your patient experience processes using the data you receive, which brings up scores in the long term, too.

To make effective changes to patient processes, it’s key you hear from the voice of the customer as soon as possible and on a consistent basis. Why? If you take the long routeーusing paper surveysーby the time you make the changes, the patient perception may have already changed. If you don’t gather data consistently from as many patients as you can, you won’t have enough to make informed process decisions.

That’s why we created Q-Reviews® with the ability to send SMS text survey questionnaires to patients automatically, so you’ll see a 7X higher response rate than if you use a paper survey method. They’re 440X faster, too. With real-time data populating your Q-Reviews® dashboard, you can perform service recovery while it’s still relevant. You’ll also have the information you need to make long-term process upgrades for better patient experience.

When it comes to reminding patients of their upcoming appointments, email just doesn’t cut it anymore. The open rate for text messages is 98%, whereas email open rates are at about 20% (Gartner). Also, the average time to reply for a text message is 90 seconds versus 90 minutes for an email ( The more patients that open their reminder texts, the fewer the no-shows. Plus, faster replies mean you can plan ahead to fill any gaps in a provider’s schedule.

Q-Reminders is our automated patient reminders system that empowers you to send SMS text messages with appointment details, asking them to confirm that they can still make it. Even better? You can customize the messages to provide relevant information so patients are prepared for the appointment. With Q-Reminders, you’ll provide a better patient experience, save your staff time, and keep your schedule airtight with Q-Reminders.

Yes, absolutely. Q-Reviews® integrates with your EHR or ADT (Admission Discharge Transfer) system using industry standard HL7 messaging. Secure file transfer protocols (SFTP) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are also available.

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