When it comes to reminding patients of their upcoming appointments, email just doesn’t cut it anymore. The open rate for text messages is 98%, whereas email open rates are at about 20% (Gartner). Also, the average time to reply for a text message is 90 seconds versus 90 minutes for an email (CTIA.org). The more patients that open their reminder texts, the fewer the no-shows. Plus, faster replies mean you can plan ahead to fill any gaps in a provider’s schedule.

Q-Reminders is our automated patient reminders system that empowers you to send SMS text messages with appointment details, asking them to confirm that they can still make it. Even better? You can customize the messages to provide relevant information so patients are prepared for the appointment. With Q-Reminders, you’ll provide a better patient experience, save your staff time, and keep your schedule airtight with Q-Reminders.