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Yes, absolutely. Q-Reviews integrates with your EHR or ADT (Admission Data Transfer) system using industry standard HL7 messaging. Secure file transfer protocols (SFTP) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are also available.

Our pricing is based on an annual subscription fee that is based on the number of patient encounters per year. Contact us for more information.

First, our implementations team performs an in-depth discovery workflow analysis based on your current processes. We compile a comprehensive workflow design document to ensure that every part of the system is built in accordance with your unique needs in mind.

Yes, absolutely. The software is designed with access control, user authentication for system access, audit and lineage reporting. Security documentation and servers are housed in a HIPAA compliant environment.

Through a combination of web-based seminars and onsite visits to your practice or facility.

The implementation cycle typically takes four weeks – from the first kick-off call until the go-live. The process includes design, configuration, installation, and training.

Because of service recovery. All of our clients use a CMS-certified CAHPS survey vendor. Yet they all use us as well because of the real-time service recovery tools that no other vendor can provide. Our clients use us not as a survey tool, but as a real-time service recovery tool that helps daily performance improvement. Executives justify their spend on Quality Reviews because our tool helps achieve a tangible return on investment by focusing on service recovery.

Yes, absolutely. With over five years’ worth of experience and millions of text messages sent, our real-world data clearly demonstrate that the Medicare population (age over 65 years) use smartphones to give feedback through our tool. This reflects the most recent Pew Internet data (2018): 95% of Americans have a cell phone and 77% of Americans have a smartphone.

Yes, absolutely. With over five years’ worth of experience and millions of text messages sent, our real-word data clearly demonstrate that patients in all socioeconomic categories provide feedback via smartphones. For example, one of our longest-standing clients runs a community clinic with a large homeless population – these patients provide feedback via Q-Reviews. Again, please visit the most recent Pew Internet data on mobile device usage and demographics here.

Yes, absolutely. At the top right corner of the screen, click ‘Schedule A Demo’ and we will get back to you pronto to set up a short conversation to learn more about your situation and get some input so we can customize a demo for you.

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ANCC® Magnet Certification and Re-certification

ANCC® Magnet Certification and Re-certification

ANCC® Magnet Certification and Re-certification

Quality Reviews, working collaboratively with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), created a crosswalk of Quality Reviews’ questions to the nine patient satisfaction categories (see below) delineated in 2014 and 2019 Magnet® Application Manuals. This crosswalk was approved by ANCC in November 2017.

    • Patient engagement / patient-centered care
    • Care coordination
    • Safety
    • Service recovery (may be ambulatory)
    • Courtesy and respect
    • Responsiveness
    • Patient education
    • Pain
    • Careful Listening