Patient Experience Management Software

Navigate the new world of healthcare consumerism

Deliver more seamless, personalized experiences across all
touchpoints along the patient journey and leverage insights to drive
further improvements in HCAHPS surveys.

ldentify 4,600+ opportunity areas through patient rounding

Improve Satisfaction Levels on average 0.7points using outreach

Increase National Percentile Ranking for likelihood to recommend & responsiveness 100%+

Patient Experience Management Software

What Q-Reviews® Does

  • Sends patients an SMS text message with a HIPAA-secure link to a customizable patient satisfaction questionnaire immediately after an appointment
  • Aggregates responses into meaningful data points, displaying the information in an easy-to-understand web dashboard
  • Alerts administrators and clinicians of negative patient experiences in real-time to facilitate service recovery

How Q-Reviews® Can Help

  • Identifies problem areas in real-time so your team can instantly address and resolve concerns
  • Patient survey software automates data collection and analysis, saving time and allowing for more efficient staffing and smarter budgeting
  • Decreases external complaints on social media and builds your public brand

Experience management for healthcare providers

Drive quality improvement by automating feedback requests and applying powerful analytics and recommended actions to improve the patient experience, as well as attract, retain, and develop your people.


Patient Encounters


Minutes Median Response Time


Of The Top 35 Hospitals are Clients

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