Michael Stamatinos

Michael Stamatinos

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Omorfi, Inc.

Michael’s deeply rooted passion for providing “access” within healthcare led him to starting Omorfi, Inc., and Advancing Healthcare Innovation Consortium. He brings a 17 + year track record in healthcare business development, sales and marketing leadership. His areas of expertise include identifying strategic opportunities for revenue acceleration.

Throughout his career, Michael’s deployed his Relationship Equity Principle, a unique commercialization, recruiting and execution strategy, supporting investors and management teams. Michael has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to put together customized growth processes that systematically build authority and trust with numerous digital health startups globally.

As the son of Greek immigrants, Michael credits his parents for instilling him with relentless work ethic, grit, and determination. He’s authored numerous articles, a published author of “Getting to the Decision Maker”, and Co-founded Mastermind Unit, a NY based non-profit that fundraises for local Children’s charities. When he’s not “building bridges” within healthcare, you’ll find him spending quality time with his family, and on a soccer pitch as an avid player and coach.

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