Webinar – A NYC Volunteer Physician’s COVID Experience

Although Sonni Mun, MD, had previously served as a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and former Chief of Medical Services for the Palliative Care Service at Mount Sinai Hospital, she transitioned from clinical care to health tech when she came to Quality Reviews®, where she is now Vice President of Client Success. But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Sonni felt called to put her white coat back on and assist on the frontlines. At the height of New York City’s devastating first wave of COVID-19, Sonni treated patients as a volunteer physician at Mount Sinai Queens. In this webinar, Sonni shares what she learned about delivering extraordinary care amidst a global health crisis.

Highlights of the conversation include:

  • How to cope with a surge in patients
  • What it was like on the frontlines of the pandemic
  • How to provide a great patient experience — even during an emergency

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