The Power of Patient Experience Design – Leaving Nothing to Chance: An Interview with Richard Corder, Managing Director, Tier 1 Performance

In this interview, we speak with Richard Corder, an experienced leader dedicated to improving the human experience. Currently a Managing Director at Tier 1 Performance, Richard shares his insights into the power of patient experience design to ensure the delivery of a reliable, consistent, and high-quality care and patient experience.

  • How Richard pivoted from the luxury hotel business and into patient experience | Minute 3
  • How to intentionally design patient experience moments | Minute 13
  • The 3 Models of Performance -Minute 19
  • A real-life example of how these models, mindsets and methods look like when applied into the healthcare environment – Minute 22
  • How COVID has impacted patient experience and Tthe one simple thing that leaders can take action on today to make a difference – Minute 40

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