Sonni Mun, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Sonni Mun, MD serves as the Chief Medical Officer of Quality Reviews, a digital health company focused on digital engagement across the patient and member care journey. Having been with the company from the start, Dr. Mun works closely with all teams from product to client success and sales to ensure that real-world clinical experience is infused into the technology that is core to Quality Reviews' strategy.

Dr. Mun's mantra, when it comes to the marriage of technology and healthcare is "Healthcare professionals should not fit into the box that technology vendors create, but rather technology vendors must build solutions that fit into the workflows of healthcare professionals."

When she was a resident at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, Dr. Mun became fascinated by Palliative Medicine, being drawn to the field because of its emphasis on strong communication between patients and their medical providers.

Dr. Mun's previous experience and passion working in home health and VBC programs revealed the opportunity that technology can reduce the manual efforts currently used to engage patients, and instead, allow clinicians to operate at the top of their license to focus on high-risk patients. Dr. Mun's last full-time clinical role was as medical director of an inpatient hospice unit where she became increasingly drawn towards using digital tools to empower patients and enhance communication with clinicians.

Now at Quality Reviews, Dr. Mun applies her knowledge of both healthcare IT and clinical workflows to help healthcare organizations improve engagement so that they can focus on the clinical needs of patients. She believes that healthcare should concentrate on being able to access care when and where a patient needs it—something that she understands better than anyone.

Quality Reviews designed its digital engagement platform specifically for those who are seeking ways to engage their patients efficiently and effectively, and in doing so, improve the healthcare experience from start to finish.

With Quality Reviews' intuitive, real-time digital engagement tools, healthcare organizations can improve access to care and treatment before, during, and after a visit.

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