Patient Flow Management & Notification System

Improve patient flow with simple notifications for patients & caregivers

What Q-Notify Does

With patients acting more like consumers and the emergence of a global pandemic, expectations for healthcare providers are higher than ever. Although this might seem daunting, it also presents a massive opportunity. Providers who offer an excellent experience now will earn patients’ loyalty for years to come.

Who Uses Q-Notify

How Q-Notify Helps

Rethinking the In-Office Experience

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations are faced with a number of challenges. Perhaps the most critical one of all, though, is balancing quality care with safety. Today’s providers struggle to offer high-quality in-person assessment and care while still creating a safe environment for patients.

Public health guidelines recommend fewer people indoors and more space in between them in order to reduce the risk of contagion. Traditionally, though, in-person medical appointments and procedures have gone hand-in-hand with crowded waiting areas. In an era of social distancing, this is no longer feasible. To keep patients, caregivers, and providers healthy and safe, healthcare organizations must improve patient flow management.

Solution: Q-Notify’s patient notification system


A Remote Waiting Room

Q-Notify is an SMS patient notification system that sends important updates to patients and caregivers during outpatient medical visits and procedures. Instead of sitting in a crowded lobby, Q-Notify allows patients to wait for their appointment safely offsite.

Patients can stay in their car or another nearby location while their provider prepares for their appointment. When the provider is ready to see the patient, Q-Notify will send a text message update to their mobile phone. Upon receiving the message, patients can immediately enter the office and begin the visit. With this remote “waiting room,” Q-Notify creates a quick, safe, and efficient patient flow management system.

Family & Caregiver Notifications

Q Notify

Many outpatient surgical procedures, including those that involve sedation or anesthesia, leave patients unable to check themselves out and leave. In those situations, a family member or caregiver must pick the patient up and escort them home. But without knowing precisely when the patient will be ready for discharge, they may have to wait onsite for hours. This can be an inconvenient and frustrating experience for all involved.

Q-Notify resolves this issue by updating caregivers on the patient’s status on the day of the procedure. Caregivers receive text message notifications at each of the major touchpoints: pre-op, surgery, post-op, and ready for discharge. This, in turn, allows caregivers to arrive promptly and minimize time spent at the facility.

Beyond helping family members and caregivers stay safe offsite and save time, these valuable notifications provide peace-of-mind. Even minor procedures can be nerve-racking, but with greater transparency into the process, patients’ loved ones can rest at ease. This leads to a better overall experience for both patients and their caregivers.

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