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Q-ReviewsSM is a real-time digital engagement platform that gives patients and employees a voice to share their feedback. Our solutions elevate performance improvement and drive service recovery.


Insights from Grady Health: The Future of Service Recovery & Staff Experiences

Leaders from Grady Health share best practices for developing, conducting, and refining meaningful rounds to drive service recovery, standardize high-quality care experiences, and make lasting cultural changes amongst their team members so they can enhance the quality and safety of care delivery.

Insights from Grady Health

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Patients and their families have more healthcare choices than ever before. Healthcare consumerism is here to stay. Negative patient experiences are no longer going to be tolerated. Missing out on service recovery opportunities and negative online reviews can cripple a healthcare provider. Not to mention, the downstream financial implications of losing a patient. What you don’t know will inevitably hurt your organization over the long term. We’ve developed a robust set of solutions designed to keep your patients and employees happy and loyal. And when they’re not, you’ll have actionable data coming from the voice of the customer in order to implement performance improvement processes in real-time.

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Take The First Step In Making A Difference


Q-Reviews has built service recovery solutions to allow your staff to respond to and address patients’ concerns in real-time.


Q-Rounding is designed to give patients a voice while in the hospital without increasing the workload on providers or administrators.


Engaged employees are more productive - there is a correlation between happy employees and a positive patient experience.


Patients’ communication preferences have dramatically shifted these last few years. Research shows that 90% of all SMS.


Healthcare organizations face the challenge of providing a safe environment for patients while delivering in-person assessment and care.


Healthcare consumerism is here to stay, and patients rely on the experiences of their peers to help make informed decisions.

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Patient Experience Feedback Methods Made Simple. Just For You. Q-Reviews suite of solutions allows you to get real-time patient feedback, manage service record

Hospitals / Health Systems

Outpatient Clinics

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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Hospitals / Health Systems

Outpatient Clinics

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Imaging Centers

Urgent Care Centers

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Benefits Of Our Platform

According to the Pew Research Center, 96% of Americans own a cell phone, and 81% own a smartphone. Over 292 million people in North America use SMS text messaging to communicate, representing over 80% of the population. Clearly, mobile phone usage has penetrated all segments of society, and with it the ease of connecting patients with providers. The benefits of our experience feedback platform include:

  • Real-time feedback which generates actionable data
  • Service recovery tools
  • Improved response rates
  • Faster response times (minutes, not months)
  • Shorter, customizable surveys
  • User-friendly, intuitive dashboard experience
  • Easy-to-interpret reporting and analytics
  • Consumer-friendly interface with enterprise-level data security
  • Fewer mailed paper surveys

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Patient Satisfaction Scores

Client Case Study

2 pages, published February 2019

Patient Satisfaction Scores

Patient Satisfaction Correlation Study

2 pages, published May 2017

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Impact Patient Experience and Drive Employee Engagement

It’s all about bringing together the power of gratitude and the human connection to create real and lasting cultural change. Schedule a demo today to see the great things we can do together.

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ANCC® Magnet Certification and Re-certification

ANCC® Magnet Certification and Re-certification

ANCC® Magnet Certification and Re-certification

Quality Reviews, working collaboratively with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), created a crosswalk of Quality Reviews’ questions to the nine patient satisfaction categories (see below) delineated in 2014 and 2019 Magnet® Application Manuals. This crosswalk was approved by ANCC in November 2017.

    • Patient engagement / patient-centered care
    • Care coordination
    • Safety
    • Service recovery (may be ambulatory)
    • Courtesy and respect
    • Responsiveness
    • Patient education
    • Pain
    • Careful Listening