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Q-ReviewsSM is a real-time digital engagement platform that gives patients and employees a voice to share their feedback. Our solutions elevate performance improvement and drive service recovery. Q-Reviews is a mobile and web-based platform that captures immediate real-time HIPAA-secure patient feedback. We provide a robust patient service recovery tool that improves care delivery and the patient experience while also building a positive brand.

“Our patients deserve to have their voices heard, and this tool gives us the ability to not only listen to, but also improve patients’ experience in real-time. This tool helps us achieve our overarching goal of making Beacon a welcoming place where patients know and feel that we care about them.”
Lori Turner
Chief Marketing, Innovation, and Customer Experience Officer, Beacon Health System, South Bend, IN
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Patient Experience Made Simple

Do any of these pain points sound familiar?

  • Low response rates to patient surveys sent out
  • Long periods in between survey replies that create a lag in making improvements to patient experience processes
  • Inability to measure staff engagement and set up action plans for employee improvement
  • Constant headaches of spending hours putting together reports for leadership with meaningful data

Our Solutions

Patients and their families have more healthcare choices than ever before. If patients have negative experiences at their healthcare provider, they go somewhere else – they don’t bother to tell you. What you don’t know will inevitably hurt your organization over the long term. We have developed a suite of solutions designed to keep patients happy and loyal.
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Q-Reviews has built service recovery solutions to allow your staff to respond to and address patients’ concerns in real-time.


Q-Rounding is designed to give patients a voice while in the hospital without increasing the workload on providers or administrators.


Engaged employees are more productive - there is a correlation between happy employees and a positive patient experience.

Traditional Survey Methods Do Not Work

  • Paper based surveys have low response rates
  • Paper and email surveys are too long
  • Surveys capture retroactive data
  • Outdated methodologies phone and mail

Benefits of Quality Reviews Text Survey

  • Text surveys have higher response rates in all care settings
  • Gather and analyze data from patients, employees, and families in real time
  • Short 5-10 question surveys
  • Decrease external complaints on social media
  • Improve performance metrics


e.g. paper surveys
  • Feedback Time 1-3 Months
  • Response Rate <2%
  • Cost $$$$

Quality Reviews

Immediate Response
  • Feedback Time Instant
  • Response Rate ~30%
  • Cost $
Outpatient satisfaction survey

Online Reputation Management

Texting Patients immediately following an episode of care gives your organization the power to proactively tackle negative feedback

  • Capturing and sharing positive reviews helps build brand awareness and trust
  • Don’t be blindsided by negative reviews on social media due to delayed patient feedback from traditional surveys
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Text-Based Customer Surveys
ANCC® Magnet Certification and Re-certification

ANCC® Magnet Certification and Re-certification

ANCC® Magnet Certification and Re-certification

Quality Reviews, working collaboratively with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), created a crosswalk of Quality Reviews’ questions to the nine patient satisfaction categories (see below) delineated in 2014 and 2019 Magnet® Application Manuals. This crosswalk was approved by ANCC in November 2017.

    • Patient engagement / patient-centered care
    • Care coordination
    • Safety
    • Service recovery (may be ambulatory)
    • Courtesy and respect
    • Responsiveness
    • Patient education
    • Pain
    • Careful Listening