Value-Based Care and
Population Health Entities

Optimize and broaden care coordination efforts and processes to meet patients where they are across the care journey. Improve patient care transitions from the hospital to the post-acute setting to the final transition to home by removing the pressure and burden on lean care coordination teams.

VBC organizations can leverage Q Reviews’ platform as a patient support tool, care management workflow product, or deviceless remote patient monitoring solution.



Increase shared savings or manage capitated risk by introducing digital engagement solutions that can alert staff to the needs of rising risk patients and allow for quick interventions at the appropriate level of care. Our population health digital solutions are tailored to the care plans and pathways already established by your team. Our platform provides additional technical support to navigate complex patient populations managed at risk.

Meet challenges in a VBC world:

  • Readmissions and ED Utilization
  • SNF LOS and costs
  • PAC transitions
  • Care at home
  • Identify rising risk
  • SDoH and health equity challenges
  • Longitudinal care management for chronic patients (Diabetes, CHF, COPD, etc.)
  • Patient education, reminders, coaching, and care support
  • Caregiver empowerment
  • Community-based resources
  • Address access by tightening primary care provider and specialty networks

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Meet community health goals for Medicaid populations with a patient engagement digital platform that will increase the ability to outreach to patients. Addressing SDoH challenges for the most vulnerable patients in our communities with limited capital resources is not feasible. We help our most important healthcare providers focus on increasing access to care via technology. Leverage Q Reviews as a deviceless RPM

solution to quickly be alerted to patient needs for populations with limited access to community support services. Compared to other digital health solutions that require WiFi and Bluetooth options, Q Reviews’ tech stack is delivered through a phone and requires no additional app download. Incorporate telehealth and remote patient monitoring to improve patient health and address staffing challenges.

Patient Journey Videos: See the solution in action for your healthcare organization.

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