Patients As Consumers: Is Healthcare Ready?

Patients As Consumers: Is Healthcare Ready? June 12, 2018

Out-of-pocket hikes affect both employer-based and individual plans

Patients As Consumers: Is Healthcare Ready?

With hospitals today operating on the narrowest of margins, losing even one patient over poor customer service is too many. 

Complicating matters, most healthcare organizations still use traditional surveys to track and monitor patient satisfaction metrics, putting them at a huge disadvantage in terms of identifying service recovery opportunities.

We make it easy for patients to provide real-time feedback — and even easier for healthcare leaders to improve service based on this feedback. Utilizing real-time feedback, our service recovery and daily performance improvement tools help shift the focus onto the patient and promote a culture of service excellence.

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Based in New York City, Quality Reviews®, Inc. was founded by leading healthcare providers and entrepreneurs with a combined 30-plus years of clinical, healthcare administrative and technology building experience. Quality Reviews®, Inc. builds proprietary software to help healthcare provider organizations capture and analyze real-time patient feedback to facilitate service recovery.

What We Do

5 star review | Patients As Consumers


Q-Reviews is our Real-time
Patient Feedback and
Service Recovery platform
for the outpatient setting.

Q-Rounding- Patients As Consumers


Q-Rounding is our Patient
Experience Rounding tool
for the inpatient setting.

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Q-Engagement is our
Real-Time Employee and
Provider Engagement and
Feedback tool.


Edward Shin, MD

CEO and Co-Founder

Previously co-founded WellApps and Healogica. Built and led a healthcare team at Gerson Lehrman Group. Director of Content Development at Healthology. Ed received his BA and MD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York and is board-certified in Internal Medicine.

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