About Quality Reviews®

At Quality Reviews®, our mission is to advance the practice, science, and business of improving patient experience.

About Quality Reviews®

Our Team - Q-ReviewsQuality Reviews ® was created based on the belief that there is a better way for hospitals and other healthcare facilities to improve the patient experience. That solution: real-time patient feedback. Since Quality Reviews was founded in 2012, we’ve been an industry leader in utilizing software to help healthcare providers capture and analyze the data they need to deliver higher-quality care.

We offer a number of different solutions, all of which are built upon a core of real-time patient feedback:

At Quality Reviews, we are guided by our commitment to deploying common-sense technology that improves patient experience. It is in everything we do: our partnerships, the services we provide, and the team members we employ. This is why we are confident in saying that we offer the best platform for measuring and improving the patient experience.

What We Bring

We look for partners, not clients.


At Quality Reviews®, we aren’t just here to sell you a product and call it a day — we’re with you at every step of your journey. We see our clients as partners and collaborate with them accordingly,

building relationships upon a foundation of respect, integrity, and attentiveness. We work closely with health systems, ACOs, and other healthcare providers to understand their challenges and collect actionable, real-time patient feedback. In this way, we offer both technology that improves patient experience and the support you need to achieve your goals.


Our area of expertise spans beyond business and tech. Much of our senior leadership team and advisory board is composed of clinicians who have practiced at health systems like Mount

Sinai Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital them every day. This unique perspective allows us to channel the voice of the customer when it comes to building technology that improves patient experience. The end result: software built by healthcare providers for healthcare providers.


We’re not new to the game — our team has years of experience in clinical practice and healthcare technology backing it up. Quality Reviews® team members have attended to patients, built

healthcare tech companies from the ground up, and helped providers navigate the complex world of healthcare technology before. And this background, along with deep knowledge of the industry, gives us a unique advantage in thinking outside of the box and innovating. Improving patient experience is our mission, and we know it’s no small feat — that’s why we’re committed to being by your side. When you choose Quality Reviews®, you’re choosing a partner that will work to earn your business every single day.