Addressing Physician Burnout and Moral Injury: Bringing About Meaningful Change

During these last two years, physicians have been hanging on by a thread. While burnout and moral injury were well-recognized pre-pandemic, Covid-19 has laid bare the need to meaningfully address physician well-being.

As a follow-up to our conversations with Dr. Wendy Dean, and the Physician Well-Being Team at AdventHealth, comprised of Dr. Michael Torres, Dr. Leila Durr, and Mary Dijkstra, this virtual roundtable spurs on a conversation about what needs to change before physician burnout and moral injury can truly be addressed.

Some topics of conversation include:

  • The difference between burnout & moral injury
  • What are the root causes of moral injury and burnout
  • What needs to change for physicians to enjoy their profession
  • How to empower physicians to act as one voice

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