Beyond Bedside Manner: Insights on Perfecting the Patient Experience

The world of medicine has changed and for many physicians out there, it’s no longer fun. It starts with understanding that your patient is also your customer. Why is it that some businesses nail the customer experience, while others miss it completely? Healthcare providers are no exception. Much of the current anger about the state of healthcare can be traced back to poor patient experience. The son of a Pediatrician, Shareef Mahdavi has been working closely with physicians for decades. In his recent book, “Beyond Bedside Manner”, Shareef walks through a process of how to build the modern practice by creating a memorable patient experience that will surpass patient expectations and lead to a wildfire of growth.

In this conversation, Shareef walks through six critical drivers:

  • Profession: What business are you in?
  • Patients: What do patients really want?
  • People: Who is on your team?
  • Place: Does your environment work for or against you?
  • Promotion: How do you build awareness that’s sustainable?
  • Price: Where do fees fit in the decision-making process?

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