Leadership in Challenging Times: An Interview with Sabiha Raoof, MD, Chief Medical Officer, MediSys Health Network

Located in Queens, New York, MediSys Health Network is a two-hospital system comprising Jamaica Hospital and Flushing Hospital that was inundated with critically-ill Covid patients at the height of New York City’s pandemic in April and May. Serving a multi-ethnic community hit hard by Covid-19, Dr. Sabiha Raoof, Chief Medical Officer, provided both clinical and administrative leadership during a challenging public health crisis from which MediSys has emerged stronger and more resilient. In this wide-ranging interview, we hear from Dr. Raoof, as she reviews the challenges she faced as a clinician leader, her career journey as a pioneering woman in health system leadership, and what she sees ahead in a time of continued uncertainty.

  • How MediSys has provided both clinical & administrative leadership during a challenging public health crisis
  • Dr. Raoof’s pathway towards leadership & lessons from her experience
  • How MediSys has maneuvered within a value-based care environment
  • Lessons learned from COVID & how MediSys plans on operating in the future
  • How leaders can keep the leadership talent pipeline full

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