Leveraging Human-Centered Design for Primary Care Transformation: An Interview with Sonia Panigrahy, MPH

In this interview, we speak with Sonia Panigrahy, MPH, a mission-driven, human-centered designed healthcare leader, skilled in transforming vision into actionable strategy for high performing, comprehensive, and integrated service delivery systems. Under Sonia’s leadership, she leads intensive, long-term, and large-scale initiatives that support the priorities for the New York State’s 70 Federally Qualified Health Centers serving 2.2 million underserved patients.

  • Human-centered design 101: What are the core principles of HCD?
  • How HCD is applied in real life situations for better health outcomes
  • Understanding the three layers of root causes that lead to poor outcomes
  • Performance improvement in Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Covid-19 / Social determinants of health / racial disparities in health: Sonia’s perspectives and a potential prescription for current health crisis


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