Managing Physician Well-Being and Burnout: A Conversation with the AdventHealth Team

In this brilliant session, we connect with the Physician Well-Being team at AdventHealth, Leila Durr, Ph.D., Mary Dijkstra, and Michael Torres, MD, MBA, FAAPL, as we discuss AdventHealth’s approach to promoting physician well-being, reducing burnout, and cultivating a healthy workplace for clinical providers of care. Provider burnout, and in particular, physician burnout has reached a crisis point during the last 18 months. But long before the ongoing pandemic, physicians have been ringing the alarm bell of burnout and calling attention to the necessary changes to improve provider and physician well-being in the workplace. Other related topics include:
  • How and why the Physician Well-Being Program at AdventHealth was started
  • Approaches to managing physician burnout and moral injury
  • Examples of positive outcomes in helping physicians navigate their work/life balance, especially during the pandemic
  • Addressing root causes of provider burnout
  • Q & A from the audience

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