Q-LEAPx – Leadership Excellence Across Patient Experience

In this brilliant virtual round table discussion, we launch a new concept called Q-LEAPx (Leadership Excellence Across Patient Experience) where we bring some of the brightest minds within patient experience in order to proactively share best practices. In this first session, we include some of our clients to share their stories while representing some of the most prestigious healthcare institutions in the world.

Some topics of discussion will include:

  • Roundtable members sharing what they find to work well when reaching for excellence in patient experience.
  • More importantly, members share what hasn’t worked
  • Using the AAA Method – Apologize, Acknowledge, Ammend
  • Two key elements to consider in order to provide exemplary patient experience when working with marginalized populations
  • How the usage of words within questions can create defensiveness
  • How to reframe questions in order to get to the root cause of service recovery opportunities


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