An Insider’s View on Schneck Medical Center’s Journey to Becoming a Four-Time Magnet Designation Recipient

Leaders from Schneck Medical Center share best practices on their journey towards being a four-time Magnet designation recipient. This fantastic leadership group touches upon important topics such as patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and how it impacts the magnet process. They peel back the curtains to showcase how they’ve been successful as an organization. In this captivating training you’ll:

  • Understand Schneck Medical Center’s approach to achieving Magnet designation
  • How SMC took an inward approach vs external for performance improvement
  • How they used this inward approach combined with real-time data to influence staff’s behavior in order to increase market share.
  • Demonstrate how the use of real-time feedback influenced the cultural shift reflected in their Magnet journey
  • The 5 Steps of How to be successful with the Magnet process | Minute 10
  • Key lessons learned from the Magnet Process | Minute 25
  • What SMC plans are for the future & how they plan to improve? | Minute 33
  • In-depth Q&A from the audience | Minute 39


  • Amy Pettit – VP Patient Care Services/CNO
  • Rachel Stangland – Nursing Excellence & Innovation Supervisor, Magnet Program Manager
  • Sheryl L. Tiemeyer – Director, Patient & Long-Term Care Services

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