Service Recovery and the Patient Experience In Radiation Oncology

Dr. Charles Washington, Senior Director of Radiation Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, provides an overview of his recent doctoral dissertation, “Addressing Service Recovery with Frontline Managers to Improve the Patient Experience.” In this interactive, wide-ranging discussion, we delve into Dr. Washington’s research into the benefits of proactive service recovery in the Radiation Oncology setting.

This presentation examines patient and institutional benefits of proactively addressing patient engagement and solution-finding through service recovery, converting poor perceptions of quality of care toward an appreciative engagement between radiation patients/consumers and care providers.

  • Frontline management’s role in effective service recovery
  • The process of actively addressing identified instances of patient dissatisfaction directly to improve the overall patient experience through patient engagement
  • Finding solutions to challenges early using an explanatory sequential mixed methodology approach

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