Webinar 1 – Success With Real Time Data

Tales From The Trenches: Kate Newbold, a successful patient experience professional, gives us a real talk about leveraging data to inspire patient loyalty

  • How Beacon has elevated customer experience to a strategic level
  • How all of these initiatives are impacted by data
  • How Beacon has developed standards and expectations around customer experience, and how customer surveys hold Beacon accountable to these standards
  • How Beacon has shifted its approach to customer surveys to better align with its strategic values
  • Why data must be proactively managed when building loyal customers
  • How Beacon has organized and staffed for standards and survey deployment across the system


  • Kate Newbold – Manager, Digital Portfolio


Kate Newbold

Ph.D. Innovation Project Consultant <br?>Beacon Health System

Beacon Health System

About the Webinar Host

Kate Newbold joined Beacon Health System in 2017 as an Innovation Consultant. She has overseen the implementation of Quality Reviews®’ product across Beacon at over 100 patient care sites, as well as through employee engagement and provider experience surveys. Prior to her work with Beacon, Kate earned her Ph.D. in Communications at Northwestern. She has consulted with companies across the Midwest in telecommunications, healthcare, publishing, and higher education.
As Beacon Health’s Chief Marketing, Innovation, and Patient Experience Officer, she’s passionate about building energetic, insightful teams focused on giving patients the best possible experience and spend her days:

    • Working with energetic teams of people who want to revolutionize healthcare through digital transformation
    • Opening up space for groundbreaking conversations and creative solutions
    • Asking the question: “Why do we have to keep doing it that way?”

Previously, she served as Vice President of Network Marketing and Strategic Communication for Kettering Health System. She has been honored as an award recipient of Dayton Business Journal’s Forty Under Forty for up-and-coming Dayton-area business leaders.
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