Beacon Health System Gains a Competitive Edge With Q-Reviews®

Healthcare providers all around the country have been encountering increased patient expectations, and Beacon Health System was no exception. Higher out-of-pocket expenses meant patients expected a higher standard of service — and if they didn’t receive it, they weren’t afraid to leave for a better fit. Beacon knew that to stand out from their competitors, delivering on their promise of an exceptional experience was more important than ever.

But to revamp their patient experience, Beacon would need reliable, real-time feedback they could act on immediately — not retroactive data received months after a patient’s discharge, as they had been.

This case study shares how Beacon Health System partnered with Quality Reviews to create and administer a customized patient survey, and how that translated to a competitive edge. Learn more in the full case study.

Beacon Health System Gains a Competitive Edge With Q-Reviews®

Jill Yarberry

VP Patient Engagement

Jill has 20 years’ experience in healthcare business development and operations. Prior to joining Quality Reviews®, Jill worked in the healthcare industry where she has been responsible for developing and implementing the sales strategy, market research, and business development to meet and exceed sales growth projections.

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