Mount Sinai’s Comprehensive Cancer Center Boosts Patient Survey Response Rate by 4.6x

Like most healthcare providers, Mount Sinai’s cancer center once relied on traditional paper surveys to measure patient satisfaction. But doing things the old-fashioned way was slow and expensive. On top of that, just 1.8% of the paper surveys they sent out were being completed.

When Mount Sinai turned to Q-Reviews® for digital patient survey administration, they quickly saw a higher response rate and more completed surveys — all at a fraction of the cost. And with real-time feedback, Mount Sinai had the real-time data they needed to improve satisfaction before patients had even left the clinic.

This case study showcases the many benefits that Mount Sinai received from partnering with Q-Reviews®, as well as insight into how they seamlessly incorporated the platform into their workflow. Learn more in the full case study.


Jill Yarberry

Vice President, Patient Experience

Jill has 20 years’ experience in healthcare business development and operations. Prior to joining Quality Reviews®, Jill worked in the healthcare industry where she has been responsible for developing and implementing the sales strategy, market research, and business development to meet and exceed sales growth projections.

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