Finding Value in a Superior Patient Expnerience: Quality Reviews Announces New E-Book

June 10, 2022

Your Guide to Understanding the Patient Experience

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 8, 2022 / — Quality Reviews, Inc., the leading real-time digital health engagement company today announced the release of their new e-book, Your Guide to Understanding the Patient Experience. Written for healthcare providers, leaders, and executives, Your Guide to Understanding the Patient Experience reviews the financial, operational, and clinical benefits of delivering a positive patient experience, and offers compelling evidence that an excellent experience encompasses all aspects of the patient journey across the healthcare continuum.

“We are excited to add to the body of patient experience knowledge and help healthcare leaders recognize the myriad benefits of delivering a top-notch healthcare experience” said Edward Shin, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Quality Reviews. “This guide is intended to drive home the point that experience reaches far beyond just patient satisfaction scores and showcases the positive return on investment of providing a consistently positive experience for both patients and employees,” he added.

The goal of this e-book is to provide healthcare payers, providers, ACOs, and physician groups with the foundation to consider the value of patient experience across all operations of an organization and to ask the right questions of staff, providers, and partners in the journey toward becoming a truly patient-centric institution.

Download this e-book to learn about the importance of patient experience and the impact that it has on all aspects of healthcare, including:

• Clinical outcomes
• Healthcare access
• Financial results
• Marketing effectiveness
• Brand perception
• Business operations and strategy
• Digital health
• Employee retention and growth

About Quality Reviews

Quality Reviews, Inc. is a real-time digital health engagement company that offers health systems, providers, and payers digital engagement tools to ensure the smoothest possible healthcare journey for both patients and employees alike. Based in New York, Quality Reviews, Inc. was founded by physicians and entrepreneurs with a combined 50-plus years of clinical, healthcare, and technology experience.

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Edward Shin, MD

CEO and Co-Founder

Previously co-founded WellApps and Healogica. Built and led a healthcare team at Gerson Lehrman Group. Director of Content Development at Healthology. Ed received his BA and MD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York and is board-certified in Internal Medicine.