Top 5 Benefits of Real-Time Actionable Feedback in Healthcare

Top 5 Benefits of Real-Time Actionable Feedback in Healthcare

Healthcare involves a variety of nuanced ways of communicating between you as the provider, and employees and patients. Technology has improved communication methods in recent years by including real-time web-based platforms.

Responding to your patients in real-time is beneficial for  many reasons. Using updated communication methods prevents disgruntled patients from voicing negative opinions to the public. It also improves communication skills between provider and patient by using a convenient online platform. Lastly, patient information is kept private by using a secure authentication system.

Top 5 Benefits of Real-Time Feedback

1. Avoid Harmful Communication Methods

The vast majority of the population uses social media to voice opinions and share experiences. In the medical field, social media can affect the brand negatively. When an unsatisfied patient or customer turns to social media sites, they’re likely to vent about a negative experience. By using Quality Reviews®’ services, this considerable risk on the brand can be avoided by building a one-on-one rapport between the provider and patient.

2. Improve Communication Between Provider, Employee, and Patient

The Q-Reviews® and Q-RoundingSM services are likely to prevent negative feedback through the social platforms in which the patient, provider, and/or employee is interacting. Communication is improved through Q-Reviews® by handling outpatient care feedback in real-time, as well as through Q-Rounding, which enables real-time experience rounding and service recovery tools for patients. Proper communication is provided whether the patient is on-site or outside of the medical setting.
Your clinical employees may utilize the Q-EngagementSM platform to voice concerns and recommendations within the healthcare establishment. Using a digital survey gauges employee engagement, loyalty, and fulfillment. This service not only improves provider and employee relationships but also improves the patient experience through a more engaged, and fulfilled work force.

3. A Convenient Platform

Patients no longer have to make a special trip to the office to communicate concerns. Through the Q-Review® online platform, you receive real-time alerts from your patients and may connect with them instantly. This improves clinical services due to staff receiving feedback immediately. Issues are identified in a swift manner, leading to positive customer experience and satisfaction.

4. Improve Hospital Patient Experience

The Q-Rounding service improves your patients’ experiences within the hospital setting. Because patients may text staff in real-time, this helps communicate to staff which patients need immediate assistance. This also assists staff members in managing their time and conducting service recovery when needed.

5. Safe and Secure Services

Quality Reviews® is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant and regulated. HIPAA guarantees patient privacy and safeguards protected health information. Quality Reviews® protects patient confidentiality by employing a secure user authentication system within the platform.

Quality Reviews® – An Effective Patient/Employee Satisfaction Platform

As a provider, efficient feedback methods are going to be critical to stay ahead of the curve. These modern services assist providers in hospitals, urgent care centers, outpatient clinics, imaging centers, pharmacies, and more. By practicing more effective communication methods, you can gauge and improve employee satisfaction. Fulfilled employees then lead to increased positive patient experience.


Q-Reviews® provides actionable feedback to outpatients through a web-based platform in real-time. The advantages for both patient and provider are limitless compared to retrospective means. Q-Reviews® improves patient satisfaction in healthcare experiences by providing a real-time communication platform.


This service provides real-time patient feedback in a hospital setting. Q-Rounding works through texting, where the patient interacts by texting staff. Staff members receive the communication through the web-based dashboard and can then provide support accordingly.


This provider feedback software uses survey questions to gauge employee satisfaction. This also gives employees the chance to communicate concerns and give suggestions for improvement. By using Q-Engagement, this presents new and informed ways of ensuring employee satisfaction. When employees are happy, customer satisfaction is most likely to improve.

The web-based platform Quality Reviews® offers effective tools which implement actionable feedback within the healthcare industry. Customer satisfaction and employee loyalty go hand in hand. These platforms include effective methods for measuring proper communication between all parties.

These platforms are responsible for improving experiences in the medical field compared to past retrospective communication. Rather than fixing the problem after the damage is done, avoid it altogether by using Q-Reviews®, Q-Rounding, and Q-Engagement in real-time.

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