Vanderbilt and Walgreens: Delivering Great Patient Experience in Retail Medical Clinics

In this brilliant interview, we dive into the world of retail medical clinics with Rob Tadlock, RN, BSN, MBA, the Director of Business Operations of Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens. We sit down with Rob to discuss the Walgreens partnership and how they’ve been able to elevate patient experience within this convenient clinical care model.

Some topics of discussion will include:

  • The unique opportunities and challenges of providing a superior patient experience in the retail medical clinic environment
  • How the pandemic impacts the acceleration of the retail medical clinic trend
  • What traditional health systems can learn from the likes of Walgreens, Walmart, and other retail healthcare providers

Rob Tadlock, RN, BSN, MBA
Director of Business Operations | Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens

Rob was originally born and raised in Clinton Mississippi. He received his Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Mississippi College in 2011 and his Master’s degree in Business Administration in 2018 from Mississippi State University. In 2013 he moved to Nashville, TN, and began working as a nurse on a medical/surgical unit for Vanderbilt Medical Center. In 2017 Rob was hired by Vanderbilt to co-manage 14 Retail Clinics across middle Tennessee. In 2019, he became the Director of Business Operations with oversight over all 14 Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens locations. Rob has been married to his wife, Annaclaire, since 2014 and welcomed a baby girl, Collins, in June of 2020.


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