Nurse Burnout and Moral Injury: Addressing the Current Crisis

A recent Nursing Central Survey revealed an eye-popping 95% of nurses reported feeling burnt out within the last three years, and nearly half were either looking for a less stressful nursing position or considering leaving the nursing profession altogether. Nurses and the patients they care for are at a crisis point, and solutions to mitigating burnout and related moral injury are urgently needed.

In this Webinar, the team of nurses from Resilient Seven joins us to share some of the programs, interventions, and methods used to build resilience, offer support, and empower nurses to mitigate burnout and address ongoing moral injury in the nursing profession. Some topics will include:

  • Personal perspectives on moral injury and burnout in nursing
  • Exploring root causes of burnout and moral injury
  • What needs to change for nurses to enjoy their profession again
  • What is the purposeful sequence to achieve resiliency

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