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May 25, 2017

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center Launches Real-Time, MobilePatient Relationship Management Tool RateMyHospital®

NEW YORK, NY – 05/22/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Wyckoff Heights Medical Center announced today that it has launched RateMyHospital®, the real-time, mobile patient feedback and service recovery tool throughout its ambulatory care network. Leveraging the ubiquity of mobile devices, Wyckoff Heights now gives patients and their families the opportunity to share feedback within minutes to hours after the episode of care.

“Our patients are central to the care experience, and RateMyHospital gives us the ability to improve that experience in real-time. This technology has reinforced our commitment to giving our patients a real voice in their healthcare journey,” said Andrew Toga, Executive Vice President, Ambulatory and Physician Services at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center.

RateMyHospital gives healthcare organizations the ability to instantly receive feedback from patients within minutes after they receive care. This is made possible through the utilization of text messages and smartphone technology to create a dialogue between the hospital and their patients. After a text is sent, smartphone users simply press a link allowing them to provide valuable feedback to doctor administrators in real-time.

“We take the patient experience and the quality of care that we provide to our community very seriously. RateMyHospital is fast and easy, and gives us valuable data that we can use to identify any potential issues and have them addressed immediately, with the ultimate goal of providing the best possible care for our patients,” said Judy McLaughlin, Vice President, Ambulatory Care Services at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. “Simple solutions like these can revolutionize the way we care for our patients,” she said.

Quality Reviews® is a New York City-based company that launched their flagship product RateMyHospital “to give patients a voice and health care institutions an ear to listen carefully and make faster, more effective care delivery decisions” said Edward Shin, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Quality Reviews®. “Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is one of the first organizations to understand how this tool can provide patients with an opportunity to express themselves as well as gives hospitals a tool for listening. The leadership of Wyckoff Heights embraced us from the start wanting a more effective patient relationship management tool for the purpose of continuous performance improvement,” he said. “We look forward to the partnership with Wyckoff Heights hospital to fundamentally improve the patient experience.”

About Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

Located in an ethnically diverse residential neighborhood directly on the border of northern Brooklyn and western Queens, Wyckoff Medical Center is a 324-bed teaching hospital. A dedicated staff of 1,800 physicians, nurses and support personnel represent thirty- five distinct languages and cultures.

About Quality Reviews®, Inc.

Quality Reviews®, Inc. builds proprietary software to enable healthcare provider organizations capture, analyze and improve real-time patient feedback via its flagship product, RateMyHospital®. Based in New York City, Quality Reviews®, Inc. was founded by leading physicians and entrepreneurs with over 30 years of clinical, healthcare administration, and technology-building experience. Learn more at https://q-reviews.com